“European Solidarity” calls to establish the Temporary Investigation Commission of the Parliament of Ukraine on investigation of the facts of illegal interference of the President’s Office into the work of the law enforcement institutions

The clear facts of the systemic illegal interference of the President’s Office into the law enforcement institutions require the objective investigation. However, the scandal with publication of the tape records of the talks of the Director of the State Bureau of Investigations Roman Truba has engulfed all the law enforcement institutions, therefore, there is no one to investigate the case. The only choice is to establish the temporary investigation commission of the Parliament with wide representation of all the factions, including from opposition.

For the period of work of the commission, we demand to suspend from office all the participants of the talks as they could be engaged in organization of politically motivated prosecutions and other illegal activities. Among them there are the Head of the President’s Office Mr Andriy Bogdan, the Prosecutor General Mr Ruslan Ryaboshapka, Director of the State Bureau of Investigations Mr Roman Truba, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Andriy Smirnov, etc.

We are also looking forward to hearing the personal reaction and political position of Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Moreover, the participants of the talks refer to the meeting in the President’s Office with participation of the President of Ukraine, where they discussed the issue of organization of political repressions against Petro Poroshenko.

We have taken very seriously the fact of publication of the tapes with talks of Roman Truba as on 21 September he informed about detection of the listening equipment in his office. On 20 November at his press-conference Truba didn’t reject the fact of the talks and avoided the direct questions of the journalists. At the same time, the substance of the talks corresponds to the schedule of the real events.

The tapes raise the issue of such possible violations of law as abuse of office, abuse of power, illegal impact on investigation, etc.
Therefore, we demand immediate conduct of all the necessary expertise to verify the authenticity of the voices. Should the authorities fail to do this, we have the right to address the issue to relevant international institutions. We consider that the authorities and the participants of the talks should be the most interested in the soonest establishment of the commission and objective investigation of this tape scandal.