Advocate Igor Holovan: Prosecutor General’s Office has registered a criminal procedure against Kuzmin and Shufrych for slandering Poroshenko and Obama

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has registered a criminal procedure against a group of people’s deputies of “Opposition platform – for life”, in particular R.Kuzmin, M.Skoryk, Y.Zahorodniy, N.Shufrych and others, for an untruthful notice of a crime. So was informed by Igor Holovan, an advocate of Petro Poroshenko.

«On December 17, a group of people’s deputies of the parliamentary faction “Opposition platform – for life” submitted to the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine a deputies’ appeal as regards an alleged, as they believe, plundering of Ukraine amounting to $100 billion by a former US president Barack Obama and president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, as well as a power grab by a former administration of the US president and, as mentioned in the appeal, by a network of its agents headed by Petro Poroshenko», Igor Holovan said.

He stressed that the appeal did not hold any facts, and by doing so his authors aimed at deceiving NABU detectives. «This is a groundless and untruthful accusation in committing crimes that are not confirmed, while this very hypothetical speculation is made by an opponent of the US democratic party, most likely, in the framework of the internal political struggle for the position of the US president», Holovan stressed. On the advocate’s opinion, this appeal shall be considered as a false representation made knowingly.

The advocate of the fifth president of Ukraine stressed that such judicial fakes, which are being produced by representatives of the Kremlin “fifth column”, shall get an appropriate legal assessment, and the fantasy authors from the “Opposition platform – for life” shall face the responsibility envisaged by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This is not only because their actions undermine the authority of Ukraine on the international stage, but also because they hold features of interference in the electoral campaign in the United States of America.