Artur Herasymov: Ukraine’s economy began to crumble long before the coronavirus as the strength reserve created under Poroshenko depleted

Economic problems in Ukraine began to accumulate even before the start of the coronavirus pandemic as soon as the “stockpile of strength” created under Poroshenko’s presidency ended.

“The [nation’s] economy began to fall apart long before the coronavirus, because all the strength created for Poroshenko was lost. The pledges of four-thousand salaries, a 40% economy growth are just laughable. Instead, there is not even money to index pensions. It is Mr. Zelensky’s immediate responsibility, because as you know, there is no independent government, there is a Zelensky monopoly and a Zelensky’s government,” ArturHerasymov, co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction, said. 

Herasymov stressed that the authorities should immediately approve the measures to support the Ukrainian economy and business, which had already been proposed by Nina Yuzhanina, a member of the European Solidarity.

“You have pledged to put an end to the poverty era, but you are opening a poverty era instead. As for the economy, the NSDCshould immediately work out a set of measures to protect the economy. We are ready to lend a shoulder here, I think many have already heard about Nina Yuzhanina’s of the European Solidarity Ten Steps Plan, where the key point is both tax cuts and the abolition of draconian anti-small business laws and the introduction of capital levy taxes. Also, stop hiding statistics, both economic and disease figures,” Herasymov stressed.

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