Yana Zinkevych: European Solidarity pushed through bill on 200% surcharges for all doctors involved in coronavirus fight

The European Solidarity pushed through the Rada the bill envisaging a 200% premium for all physicians working with coronavirus-infected people.

“Parliament has approved a bill that will be valid for three months. It aims to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Ukraine and delay the peak of the epidemic to prepare the national healthcare system. Our faction also participated in the development of these decisions and we supported it with our vote … In the adopted law, our team has initiated and achieved a provisions on a 200% bonus to the salary for all healthcare workers who work with the infected,” Zinkevych said. 

She recalled that the throughout the past three weeks, the European Solidarity faction insisted on convening an extraordinary session of parliament to advance to prepare for a possible coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.

“However, instead of preparing and communicating with citizens, the government staged a show with a change of government, political pressure by law enforcement agencies on the opposition, a show with the minister of health’s two week sit-in in Sanzhary facility on president’s orders instead of actively preparing to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine,” said the deputy.