Andriy Parubiy: Zelensky appointed Venediktova acting prosecutor general for political persecution of opponents

Zelensky made Iryna Venediktova, the acting chief of the State Bureau of Investigations, the prosecutor-general, because she is ready to intensify political harassment of his opponents, says MP Andriy Parubiy (European Solidarity).

“Zelensky got an attorney general of his own. ‘My one hundred percent own prosecutor,’ as he once put it. In itself, this is a pretty weird formulation for a president of the country and the head of an independent agency. But in a short while he actually initiates the dismissal of the prosecutor general. [Servant of the People’s Rada Speaker Davyd] Arachamia gave a fairly frankexplanation: ‘The last straw was that Ryaboshapka refused to sign the charges against Poroshenko. It is hard to imagine anycivilized European country where officials get fired because they do not subscribe to persecution of opposition leader,” said the lawmaker.

Parubiy noted that former prosecutor general Ryaboshapka was not in a rush in the execution of Zelensky’s desires and was therefore replaced by a more manageable person, IrynaVenediktova.

“They persecute Poroshenko, there are five or seven criminal cases opened against me. Although Ryaboshapka was definitely not a saint, because he moved absurd charges on Sophia Fedyna, yet he often held back on carrying out presidential pranks. That is why he got sacked to be replaced with a person without moral frameworks. The person who openly supported the anti-Maidan, the person who publicly advocated the abolition of the amnesty law for Maidan activists,” the politician emphasized.

Parubiy stated that an essentially unprincipled person, who takes instructions from the President’s Office as the law, just cannot occupy the post of prosecutor general.

“This man was appointed only for one purpose – to persecute the opposition, to intimidate the opposition. And this person demonstrates with all her appearance that she will not be guided by the law, but by the instructions that come from the President’s Office,” Parubiy stressed.