Petro Poroshenko: enough misleading international partners – Zelensky’s majority must pass banking bill and stop bickering with Kolomoisky

The fifth president, the leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, called on President Zelensky to finally make a choice in favor of the Ukrainian people, not the oligarch and the nation’s default. 

Poroshenko said that the third extraordinary sitting of the Verkhovna Rada had taken place but the law on banks had not yet been passed even in the second reading, although its adoption was a key requirement of international partners for Ukraine to receive much-needed financial assistance.

“The government must choose whether it is with Ukraine and Ukrainians – or with Kolomoisky. It seemed that the choice was very clear but we do not see any progress here. Instead, parliamentary regulations are being amended to further significantly restrict the rights of the opposition. We will surely not support those amendments, but we suggest – either introduce these changes only for the duration of the quarantine, for limit a limited period of time – until the first of May or the first of June. Or consider the bill submitted by the Cabinet, which has no amendments to it, adopt it in the first reading and in general, and close this bickering with Kolomoisky,” Poroshenko said. 

He believes it is vital to resolve three problems. 

“The first problem is to provide funding for the army, to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state. The second problem is to provide the medical industry with medicines, necessary equipment in hospitals and protection of doctors – by purchasing masks, anti-virus suits and other means of protection,” Poroshenko said. 

“The third extremely important issue is to protect people. People are running out of money. And so the immediate payment of social assistance, which will provide at least food and treatment – this is what we need to do in the first place. It will be impossible to do this without the money of international financial organizations and Ukraine will be in a state of default,” Poroshenko stressed. 

“Stop playing games with the world, don’t play with the Ukrainian people. We are pushing and demanding – pass those laws that help protect Ukraine and Ukrainians from the threat of a pandemic. We demand that the government decide whether it will be with Ukraine and pass a banking law, or will flirt with Kolomoisky, trying to fool our partners. I warn you, or it will end up gravely,” the European Solidarity leader warned.