Statement of Petro Poroshenko

The fifth column of the Kremlin has launched a full-fledged special operation against Ukraine. By means of pulling Ukraine into the electoral struggle in the US they are trying to undermine the US bipartisan support of Ukraine. It is known that this support is based on consensus – on an agreement between the Republicans and the Democrats to as much as possible assist Ukraine in its struggle with the Russian aggression, and in our intentions to join NATO.

Joe Biden is a friend and an ally of Ukraine. We shall be grateful to him for the role he played as vice-president in the Obama administration. We didn’t interfere with the 2016 campaign. In its aftermath, despite the counteraction by Moscow, we did not allow for any pause in our relations, we built up dialogue with the new administration. We are also grateful to president Trump for Javelins, sanctions and other friendly examples of solidarity with Ukraine.

Securing the bipartisan support has always been a base of my strategy in our relations with the United States. Destroying this support against the backdrop of unpredictability of the election results would mean weakening Ukraine in our resistance to a much stronger enemy. Pro-Russian provocateurs try leaving us one-on-one with the Kremlin.

They don’t even try wearing masks. Three pro-Russian TV channels and media-resources of the oligarch, who faces the investigation of the Grand Jury in the United States for an alleged laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars, have become the main information sponsors of this provocation. Mr. Kolomoisky has made public his geopolitical agenda some months ago – refusing from the West orientation and returning under Moscow.

Just yesterday I still believed that the actions of pro-Russian marginals did not deserve much attention. However, the press-conference earlier today has given rise to a reasonable suspicion about the Office of the President of Ukraine to also have been involved in this special operation.

It is today that there is practically no dialogue between the highest authorities of Ukraine and the US. I had regular meetings with both presidents – the previous and the present ones, and dozens of contacts with Biden. The audio fragments that had been presented yesterday by a KGB high school graduate are all bogus. But the raw material for it they could dig, particularly, in the Office of the present President. The Security Service of Ukraine shall investigate into who did it. Who did sanction it? Who is its beneficiary?

Because all these have led to a special operation against the strategic relations with the United States, our key partner being able to deter Russia.

Unfortunately, there is common truth of geopolitics and diplomacy, which the amateurs were unable to master even after one year of active practice.

Ukraine’s international positions have deteriorated considerably for over this year. The coalition in support of Ukraine that had been built by our team is not practically operational. Even before coronavirus Ukraine has fallen away from the priorities of the states of the world. The principle “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine” that had been formulated by ourselves and that had been upheld by all our partners is being breached now. Integration with the EU and NATO rests on paper. All these changes play into Russia’s hands only. As well as this new attack against the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States.

I hope the President would understand these obvious issues. To a great extent this statement is addressed also to himself, as an advise, which he has a possibility to listen to.  

On my side, I will engage with all my contacts in the US, both among the Republicans and among the Democrats, so that they did grant no chance for the provocateurs to undermine our strategic alliance. 

We will not allow returning Ukraine in the sphere of Russian influence. And we will keep relying on the support of the United States.

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