Iryna Gerashchenko: in a year of presidency, Zelensky has shaken Ukraine’s strategic partnership with the US, drifting towards Russia

The results of the first year of Volodymyr Zelensky’s in international politics are deeply disappointing, says the co-chair of the European Solidarity faction Iryna Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko noted that Zelensky’s initiative on dual citizenship may result in the legalization of Russian passports that the Kremlin generously distributes on the occupied ORDLO territories. That is why European Solidarity strongly insists on the withdrawal of this dangerous bill. 

“The opposition has blocked Zelensky’s bill on citizenship, which, had it been voted through, would, among other things, legalize Russian passports. Our faction insisted that that this bill just cannot be put to vote,” reminded Gerashchenko. 

She noted that, according to the ministry of defence reports, over 100 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in just a year of Zelensky’s presidency.

“Clearly, Putin is to blame for these deaths, but President Zelensky, when he said that he would not surrender a single acre of Ukrainian territory, unfortunately, due to the withdrawal of troops in three areas, formed the so-called “gray zone”, where Ukrainian soldiers are being killed and provocations are taking place,” Gerashchenko said. 

The co-chair of European Solidarity also warned powers that be against engaging in a special operation aimed to undermine the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States. 

“President Zelensky promised a year ago that he would do everything possible to expand the Normandy format – at the expense of the United States and Great Britain. Today, we see that the ruling party is drawn into a disgraceful bickering with our strategic partner, and we may lose bipartisan support in the US. In this situation, who would be willing to expand the Normandy format? During the first year of Zelensky’s presidency, the US recalled special envoy Kurt Walker, and no replacement for him is in sight,” Gerashchenko said.

“During the previous presidency, there was a roadmap, where the security issues were a priority, then was the humanitarian bloc, and then the political bloc. Today the “road map” is off the table, it has been replaced by Steinmeier’s formula, according to which Ukraine assumes additional political obligations. Well, thanks to the European Solidarity efforts the Advisory Board idea has been discarded, but the key result of Zelensky foreign policy so far is the rejection of the formula “Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine,” sums Gerashchenko.