Statement of the European Solidarity faction on political persecution of Poroshenko

“Charges levelled against Petro Poroshenko are nothing but selective justice and political revenge. This is part of Ukraine’s past, not its future,” former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen commented on the attempt to level accusation of the fifth Ukrainian president.

The entire civilized world condemns the political repression against Ukrainian opposition and its leader Poroshenko. Even yesterday’s allies of President Zelensky dismiss these accusations as non-existent and legal trash.

Authorities in Ukraine today are building a model of the Kremlin regime with paddy wagons and beat up activists. They storm museums and illegally spy on the opposition. They are conducting fictitious searches at 6 am, was the case with the former infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan. They throw patriots in prisons without a trace of evidence, as in the Sheremet case, or put them on trial for not allowing themselves to be killed, as is the case with public activist Serhiy Sternenko.

Notably, they persecute those who stand in defense of Ukraine from the Kremlin. The culmination of these persecutions are fictitious, insignificant cases against the fifth president. It’s not just about Poroshenko – they aim to break Ukraine.

What Zelensky’s regime organizes is not a court but an outright illegal trial over the opposition leader Poroshenko.

We are brought back to the dark times of political persecution, built along the Kremlin’s cynical methods and pushing Ukraine away from Europe. Because cynicism and lies are the essence of this government.