Petro Poroshenko on CNN: international partners clearly stated against political persecution that destroys democracy in Ukraine

International partners call on the Ukrainian authorities to end the political persecution of the fifth President, as these cases are aimed at destroying the efforts of Poroshenko’s five-year presidency to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state.

Petro Poroshenko stated this in an exclusive interview with one of the most influential political observers in the United States, Fareed Zakaria, on CNN.  

“These investigations delve into my actions as president to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty, her territorial integrity and independence. I want to thank our partners, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and many and other countries who have sent a tough warning to Ukrainian authorities to stop these politically motivated prosecution. Because all their efforts are aimed to scrap the five years of my presidency, against democracy, against the rule of law. This is an attempt to use the state machine against a political opponent,” Poroshenko stressed. 

Fareed Zakaria during the interview also expressed condolences to Poroshenko in connection with the death of his father.