Ahtem Chiygoz: government must react harshly to Putin’s statements about Crimea

Ukrainian authorities must provide a clear response to Putin’s statements about Crimea, stated MP Akhtem Chiygoz (European Solidarity faction).

“Russia’s policy has not changed since the days of the Russian Empire. They keep on shedding the blood of many people, seized territories, destroyed the history of these occupied territories. That’s why we shouldn’t expect anything different from Putin’s 21st century criminal now,” Chiygoz said commenting on Putin’s statement that “Crimea has always been Russian, even from a legal point of view.” 

“This is a strong message to the world, first of all, to Ukraine, first of all to President Zelensky and his team. Because their “peace at any cost” policy has shaken society over the past year. All the symbols of independence that we have fought for all these years are being levelled, and that is why it is a challenge. We must accept it and be ready not to reduce our troops, not to engage in political repressions against those who, together with Ukrainians, fought for these symbols,” the deputy went on. 

“We have been told for 50 years that Crimean Tatars were deported for doing something allegedly shameful, as they believe, during the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, some people this. And now they are trying to impose the idea that there is a “people of Crimea”. But there is no such thing as “the people of Crimea”, there are Ukrainian citizens in Crimea, they are of different nationalities and they are resisting the occupier, which irritates Putin. He said in 2014, when he occupied Crimea, that the Crimean Tatars were impossible to negotiate with. This terror against the indigenous people of Crimea has not subsided since, but is rather intensifying,” Chiygoz said.

The politician is convinced that the authorities must understand that there are steps that simply need to be taken now. 

“The authorities need to take steps that will strengthen the resistance to the occupier and strengthen their position on Crimea on international platforms. It is necessary to prevent history from being rewritten by adopting a number of laws, which the current authorities are obliged to develop in the first place. Now is the time to say that the authorities have clear positions on Crimea, not that “we will never recognize the occupation.” It is outdated and it does not work now,” Chiygoz stressed.