Statement of the political party “European Solidarity”

We are closely following and deeply concerned about the developments around the presidential elections in Belarus. The Belarusian people has the right for free and democratic expression of their will at the elections, and it is of the government’s duty to guarantee and ensure the implementation of these legitimate rights.

Respect for democracy and democratic procedures, legitimacy of the state power, dialogue with civil society and international openness are crucial for further strengthening of the Belarusian statehood, its economic prosperity and consolidation of democracy.

“European Solidarity” will base its assessment of democratic conduct of elections in Belarus on the conclusions of the OSCE and the Council of Europe, which are authorized for this. At present, we are calling for restraint from violence and the use of force, and for the respect of democratic rights and freedoms, including the rights of citizens for peaceful assembly and free speech.

The political party “European Solidarity” calls on all sides to ensure an open and peaceful dialogue on the exit strategy from the political crisis in Belarus.

At this difficult moment there is a growing threat for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belarus, as it is well proved that the Russian aggressor used to strike at the moment of weakness and fragility. It is extremely important now to prevent a situation in which the only possible way for Minsk would be to find itself falling in Moscow’s embraces, whose plans for the future of the Belarusian people are more than obvious.

We call on the international community to remain vigilant about possible aggressive actions by the Kremlin and stay ready to counter them. Ukraine proceeds from the principles of indisputable respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus.

We believe in significant prospects of partnership and good-neighborly relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.