Volodymyr Ariyev has made public the documents proving that Ukraine’s special services did conduct an operation against Russian mercenaries from PMC Wagner (documents)

Volodymyr Ariyev, a member of the European Solidarity faction, has made public the documents that prove the Ukrainian special services did carry out a special operation aimed at arresting mercenaries from Russia’s PMC Wagner. The photocopies of those documents are published on his Facebook page. As known, the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada keeps ignoring demands of relatives of Ukrainian soldiers who died in Donbas out of terrorist acts with the involvement of Wagner mercenaries. While the high state leadership claimed no special operation had ever expected.

According to Ariyev, the special services operatives who took part in the special operation were ready to testify in the case.

“The authorities denied that such a special operation existed and called it being a fake. I claim the government is lying. Here come irrefutable evidences, and these are not only recordings of conversations and photocopies of documents of the mercenaries”, Volodymyr Ariyev emphasized.

Ariyev informed of a complete set of documents existing on all the Wagner mercenaries documented by the Ukrainian secret services – protocols of transcripts of conversations of a recruiter with Wagner mercenaries signed by a senior SSU investigator, suspicions sent out to court and signed by a responsible person of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Everything proves cynical lies of the authorities, who tried to hide the fact of holding this operation, which, in fact, is unique and shows how well the Ukrainian secret services have learned to work in battle conditions since 2014,” the deputy said.

Among the documents, there is a letter of the Head of the 5th Department of the SSU, Counterintelligence Department, dated on July 13, 2020. “By this letter, he informs the Head of the Main Investigation Department that in the criminal case under investigation since May 2014, due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, a new illegal armed group was established in Russia in 2019-2020, which was led by a person presenting himself as “Serhiy Petrovych”, who in fact is a Ukrainian operative (it is never stated in the documents without a “secret” stamp), who established personal data and interviewed 40 persons being allegedly ready to be sent to Venezuela and Syria, and took their evidences of crimes in Ukraine “, Volodymyr Ariyev said.

There is a protocol of inspection of data storages dated on July 25, 2020 in the framework of this criminal case concerting the Russian assault. Signed by the SSU investigator, the protocol contains names of Wagner mercenaries, whose personal data and conversations with whom were on those data storages.

There is a report about observation of the information sources dated July 25, 2020 in the framework of this criminal case of the Russian attack. The protocol, signed by the SSU investigator, contains the names of the members of the PMC “Wagner”, whose personal data and conversations with whom were on these information sources.

“The SSU investigator’s signature is also present on the transcripts of conversations of the members of the PMC “Wagner” with the recruiter… They were to fly via Belarus to Istanbul on July 25 with tickets taken 10 days earlier. However, for unknown reasons that have yet to be established, the flight did not take place and was postponed, the militants remained in Belarus, and on July 29 they were detained by the local KGB”  – Ariyev said.

He said that among the mercenaries of the PMC there were persons, who had been involved in the downing of a military transport aircraft IL-76 near Luhansk airport on June 14, 2014.

“There are documents of militant Serhiy Pavlenko, a native of Odessa region, which is unfortunate. His Russian passport and order books of medals “For Courage”, which he received in 2016 and 2018 from Vladimir Putin. In his conversation with the recruiter Pavlenko, a citizen of the Russian Federation, admits that he was in a sabotage group that shot down an IL-76 on June 14, 2014. Forty soldiers of 25 brigades and 9 crew members were killed then”, – Ariyev reminds.

“Another militant is Alexander Rudenko, who is a native of the Bryansk region. Citizen of the Russian Federation. He was in the Luhansk region in 2014-16 as part of the battlegroup “Step” involved in the downing of several Ukrainian warships. He was awarded medals for the Crimea, honors of the so-called DPR and has a military ticket of the DPR terrorist group”, – the MP said.

“All this information is also sufficient to pass on to the international investigative bodies regarding the mercenaries. However, the mercenaries themselves, who could have been in the hands of Ukrainian law enforcement officers, were eventually released by the Belarusian special services in Russia and escaped punishment”, –  Volodymyr Ariyev said.

He also noted that the members of the PMC “Wagner” were not like “street fighters” to “destabilize Belarus”: “According to the data, they were operators of portable anti-aircraft missile systems and other military specialties not related to possible street clashes. So, their goal was clearly not Belarus”.

“The only way to find out what exactly happened and why the special operation was not accomplished is to establish an ad hoc investigation commission in the Verkhovna Rada. The commission is called for by the military, the families of victims. They have every right to know why the murderers of Ukraine’s defenders escaped punishment. And even the fact that the evidence of this operation is now being destroyed by order of Bankova will not stop the truth. Those who derailed this special operation will have to answer. In front of the families of the victims in the first place”,  – Volodymyr Ariyev is convinced.