Mykola Kniazhytskyi: Disruption of a special operation to detain Wagnerians is a national disaster

The actual involvement of the authorities in disrupting the special operation to detain the so-called Wagnerians amounts to a national catastrophe, said MP Mykola Kniazhytskyi (European Solidarity).

“It’s a catastrophe, from what we know. Not only a failed operation, which was prepared for a long time by many employees of the Ukrainian secret services, real Ukrainian heroes. Not only that this operation was thwarted, not only that we could get to Ukraine those guilty of shooting down a Ukrainian plane, killing Ukrainian citizens. It is also unfortunate that the people who carried out this operation are under threat,” Kniazhytskyi said.

“The Russian Federation is conducting operations against them, and of course it is not only the surrender of Ukrainian interests, but also the surrender of Ukrainian agents and those people who gave their lives fighting for Ukraine. Therefore, we demand the establishment of a Temporary Commission of Inquiry. I think it will have a further course, because Watergate or any other scandal compared to what happened to us, not even to compare. It’s just a national catastrophe, such a betrayal,” the deputy said.