SBU not probing Russian agent Derkach but opened over 15 cases against Poroshenko – lawyer Ilya Novikov

The Security Service of Ukraine is not investigating the activities of People’s Deputy Derkach, who is officially considered a Russian agent in the United States. Instead, 15 new senseless cases were filed against Petro Poroshenko.

This was stated at a briefing by the lawyer of the fifth President Poroshenko Ilya Novikov. He stressed that all previous fake proceedings against Poroshenko had reached a stalemate, so now, on the command of the President’s Office, the security forces have spawned new proceedings.

“The most remarkable thing in the latest activity of the SBU is not that 15 new cases have been opened against Poroshenko – we are already used to it. As if no criminal proceedings were instituted against MP Derkach. Despite the fact that both the State Department and the US Treasury Department Derkach clearly, and I would even say, in a way uncharacteristic of them, said that they consider this person an active member of the Russian secret services. Against this background, it is especially noticeable that the SBU is not interested in this situation,” Novikov said.

“American special services, American diplomats believe that the SBU is also aware of this situation. And the fact that, at least we don’t know about Derkach, at least we don’t know about it, no inspections or investigative measures are taking place, marks the position of the Ukrainian leadership, which of course cannot benefit the relations between Ukraine and the United States,” said Novikov.

The lawyer noted that there was clear evidence of coordination of the prosecution against Petro Poroshenko between the Office of the President, the DBR, the Office of the Prosecutor General and people from Portnov’s team.

“We have been convinced of what has been stated about the very clear lines that can be traced in the coordinated activities – the DBR, the SBU, the Office of the Prosecutor General and specifically the Pechersk Court. Over the last year, we have had many opportunities to make sure that these ties really exist,” Novikov said. He drew attention to the fact that after the appointment of Yanukovych Babikov’s lawyer to the DBR leadership, another representative of Yanukovych’s team, Anti-Maidan Tatarov’s spokesman, was appointed curator of the security forces in the Office of President Zelensky.

Lawyer Ihor Holovan, in turn, suggested that the interests of the former owners of PrivatBank were behind the lion’s share of the new fabricated proceedings.

“The campaign of political persecution of opposition leader Petro Poroshenko has been going on for much more than a year. Back in May last year, various criminal proceedings began to be fabricated, which we once said were completely empty, that there were no offenses, that the sole purpose was political persecution and work in the interests of the aggressor state. All these proceedings, as we said, turned out to be fakes. Absolutely all these proceedings have actually reached a stalemate, and that is why now the authorities, the perpetrators of these political persecutions, see no other way out of this situation – the only way out is to fabricate new ones,” Holovan said.

“On September 4, there were many new cases – 15 new proceedings against the leader of the opposition political force, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. It is clear that these 15 proceedings are as empty as the dozens that have been fabricated so far, but the fact that the authorities have not stopped, the fact that the authorities continue to pursue political persecution, is the very fact that the so-called investigation of these criminal proceedings has begun. , he, in our opinion, is very bright. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the plots of these proceedings say a lot about the banking system. “Now we see very clearly another beneficiary of this activity – it is very similar to the former owners of PrivatBank on issues related to its nationalization,” the said lawyer said.