Akhtem Chiygoz: Ukrainian authorities practically stopped talking about liberation of Crimea

Zelensky fails to raise the issue of de-occupation of Crimea on international platforms and tries to show Ukrainian society that this issue is irrelevant now.

This was stated by the People’s Deputy from the European Solidarity faction Akhtem Chiygoz.

“Unfortunately, over the last year, the government’s actions on the external vector have greatly weakened. And what I feel here in Ukraine is that the representatives of the new government flatter Putin,” the deputy said.

“With such a policy, we will not be able not only to release our prisoners in the Crimea, but also to solve a strategic plan of de-occupation in general. He, as I see it, does not exist at all. “There are some declarations on which the representatives of the new government are based on ‘individual sites’ and that it makes no sense to raise the issue of Crimea in the Normandy format,” Chiygoz stressed.

He went on: “All this suggests that they are trying to show in society that the issue of Crimea is not critical now, such as the occupied areas in the Donbas.”

“I have always said that it is impossible to consider Crimea separately from the current situation in the country. Because the positions we have lost and are losing in our relations with our international partners have a great impact on the situation in Crimea,” said the European Solidarity lawmaker.