Poroshenko: Kremlin agents crawl into local councils to revive Novorossiya project

Russian intelligence agents, who are under US sanctions, are trying to install their protégés over to Ukrainian local councils to try to implement Putin’s “Novorossiya” scenario, said the fifth President, the leader of the party “European Solidarity” Petro Poroshenko.

In particular, Poroshenko drew attention to an article in the influential American newspaper “Washington Post”, which, with a reference to a CIA report, said that Putin has directly supervised the so-called “Derkach tapes” operation.  

“This is sensational material about Russian interference in the American election. You all remember how the whole fifth column of the Kremlin in Ukraine and pro-Moscow channels treated you to noodles with so-called “tapes” for several months. It was immediately obvious to us that this was not just Moscow’s attempt to cover Poroshenko and our political force with mud. That is the Kremlin’s intrigue in order to influence the US presidential election, which will take place in November,” Poroshenko said.

“According to the authoritative Washington Post, and now this is confirmed by the CIA, the Russian operation to interfere in the expression of the will of the American election is led by Putin himself. And in this Putin’s scenario, a well-known MP is taking an active part, against whom the US imposed sanctions in early September. He was called “an active Russian agent who maintains close ties with the Russian secret services,” Poroshenko quoted the US Treasury Department.

“This is a deputy elected in the Hlukhiv district. This is not enough for a graduate of the Dzerzhinsky KGB High School. Because now Derkach wants to break through to the level of the regional council of Sumy region and city councils of the region,” Poroshenko warned.

He stressed that the attempts of the Russian fifth column to get into local self-government bodies are a direct threat to Ukraine’s national security. Poroshenko also noted that pro-Russian parties disguise their candidates as strong businessmen, but this does not change their essence.

“They are disguised as such strong managers who are allegedly concerned about jobs and tariffs, the restoration of industry, yields in the agricultural complex of Sumy region. In fact, it is an openly pro-Moscow party, whose leadership bows to Putin and kisses his ring, serves Russia’s interests,” Poroshenko stressed.

He noted that the Russian plan is clear – to misinform people and, camouflaging the agency, to form powerful fractions of OPZZ in regional councils and councils of the regional centers – from Sumy and Kharkiv down to Mykolaiv and Odesa. “This is another attempt to implement the Novorossiya scenario, which we, Ukrainians, our soldiers stopped in 2014-2015,” the fifth President reminded.

Poroshenko stressed that the main task of “European Solidarity” in the local elections is to prevent pro-Russian revenge and reversal of the country from the European path to please the Kremlin.