Authorities lose rating, up to large-scale fraud in local elections – Herasymov

Zelensky’s government is preparing for large-scale fraud in the October 25 local elections.

This was stated by the co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction Artur Herasymov. He noted that the authorities expect a losing result for themselves, so they are trying to sideline strong opposition candidates.

“Zelensky’s government no longer hides that it is preparing massive fraud in the local elections on October 25. The reason is very simple – the so-called “ruling party” is rapidly losing support, while the team of European Solidarity is increasingly gaining the support of citizens,” said Herasymov.

“Obviously, this new balance of power frightens Zelensky, who decided to use Lukashenko’s methods: to cancel the elections, as in Donbas, to prevent the registration of opposition candidates and the whole party, and to register” clones “in their place, in particular as in Uman. We appeal to the CEC with a request that if a person changes his/her last name in less than six months before the election, the ballot paper should indicate not only the new name, but also the old one,” Herasymov noted.

Also, according to Herasymov, use banal administrative pressure on candidates.

“In Sumy, our candidate, the legendary Col. Valery Ismailov, was illegally remove from elections by Zelensky’s authorities the day after he was introduced to the European Solidarity team,” Herasymov said.

“In order to distort the results of the local elections, the sale of seats in the electoral commissions began. Unfortunately, certain parliamentary parties became accomplices in the election fraud, as, according to media reports, they are selling their quotas out to Zelensky’s team. Take a look at what is happening in Volyn and Cherkasy regions, look at the statements of the Dnipro mayor Filatov,” the co-chair of European Solidarity parliamentary faction stressed.