Petro Poroshenko: Support for European Solidarity more than doubled over last year

The result of European Solidarity in the local elections shows that populism and fake news from pro-Russian and oligarchic TV channels is no longer capable to mislead people, the party leader, the fifth President Petro Poroshenko stated.

“Support for European Solidarity has more than doubled since last year. We are the only political party that has garnered more support, because all other parliamentary parties have lost 30 to 50% of support. This definitely means that the Ukrainian electorate, the people, are extremely responsible, and I appreciate that,” Poroshenko said.

“I want to thank my team, which has been renewed, with burning eyes and faith in Ukraine. This team is professional, unlike the “green power” and the Russian “fifth column”, because that was what the battle was about. It is important that the myth of Kremlin-Zelenski that European Solidarity was a ‘regional project, a party of Western Ukraine, whose influence is limited to Galicia’, was destroyed,” said the fifth President. 

“The first place that the party took not only in Lviv and Ternopil regions, but also in Rivne, Kyiv and the Kyiv region was our task,” Poroshenko said.

“However, what took place in the East is also important. The goal of pro-Ukrainian, pro-European parties is to fight for Ukrainians in the East and South of the country – in Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Odesa regions. We are represented in all regional councils without exception, in all city councils of the regional centers without exception. There is no other such party,” the fifth President stated.

“I can say with confidence and conviction, thank you, dear voters, that we have won first place in this election,” the European Solidarity leader said.