European Solidarity activists and volunteers planted over 10 000 trees in Luhansk region

Volunteers and party members of European Solidarity planted more than 10 thousands seedlings on 3 hectares of a future forest in Luhansk region for the recovery of areas destroyed by fires, said the co-chairman of the European Solidarity Verkhovna Rada faction Iryna Herashchenko 

“More than 10 of thousands of seedlings were planted today on 3 hectares in the Luhansk region, which has been recently hit by severe fires. 250 volunteers, activists, members of the European Solidarity from Luhansk and Lviv regions took part in this important action,” Herashchenko said. 

She called on other regions and political forces to join this European Solidarity initiative. 

“It will be a Lviv grove in the Luhansk region. Recently, the Russian occupiers committed arsonies here, which destroyed thousands of hectares of forest. Today, we, non-indifferent citizens of Lviv, Kyiv and Luhansk, activists of European Solidarity planted 3 hectares of new forest. Around two hundred people in a matter of a few hours cured a part of damaged green lungs of Luhansk region,” said the head of the Lviv regional council Olexandr Hanuschyn. 

Participants of the event in an audio address welcomed leader of the party, fifth President Petro Poroshenko. 

“The pine saplings were grown in the Lviv Forest Perinatal Center – a joint project of the forest industry of Lviv region, Lviv regional council, and Lviv regional state administration. Why do we do this? Because we care about our country that we need to reunite together,” said Hanuschyn.