Lawyer Holovan: Zelensky’s office sets security forces to harass opposition leader Poroshenko

Pechersk District Court has extended for a year the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings opened at the request of MP Nestor Shufrych against the fifth President, the leader of European Solidarity Petro Poroshenko for organizing a counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army in Donbass in 2014. 

Poroshenko’s lawyer Ihor Holovan reported about it. He stressed that the cases against the fifth President are coordinated by the Zelensky Office, which tasks the security forces to persecute the opposition leader. 

“On November 26, Kyiv’s Pechersk district court ruled for another year to continue the so-called ‘pre-trial investigation’ of Shufrych’s statement demanding that the order of the fifth President of Ukraine Poroshenko to counter-attack and protect Ukraine from Russian aggression be declared a crime,” Holovan said.

The State Bureau of Investigation has been investigating this legal “trash” for 1.5 years, as former prosecutor general Ryaboshapka said. Of course, they have not investigated anything, but they want to continue wasting taxpayers’ money on this chimera. And we understand that it is a matter of the systematic work of pro-Russian forces, which are firmly entrenched in the President’s Office. This is the so-called Portnov – Tatarov’s “legal team”, who coordinate all these dozens of criminal cases against the opposition, against the fifth President of Ukraine Poroshenko and his political force in the interests of the aggressor state, in the interests of Russia,” the lawyer said.

Holovan said that another case was registered by the Office of the Prosecutor General against Poroshenko for the fact that in 2016 the law of Ukraine introduced European competitive procedures for the selection of heads of cultural institutions.

“The essence of the proceedings personally registered by Prosecutor General Venediktova by the decision of the same Pechersk District Court is that it is a crime to declare it a crime for President Poroshenko to sign a law passed by the Verkhovna Rada in January 2016, which introduced competitive procedures and contract employment. That is, the introduction by President Poroshenko and the Ukrainian parliament of the European order of appointment of heads of cultural institutions,” Holovan said. 

The lawyer emphasizes that the government is thus trying to destroy the achievements of our state on the European path. According to the team from Zelensky’s Office, the persecution of the Direct TV channel continues, Holovan notes. 

“The prominent opposition TV channel Pryamiy have been under investigation for more than eighteen months now. Many people have already forgotten that this was originally a case initiated by the same Portnov, who claimed all sorts of fabrications about the alleged violation of the law by Petro Poroshenko,” the lawyer reminded.

“Back in September of this year, Deputy Prosecutor General Hovda was forced to officially acknowledge in his decision that the materials of this case do not contain any materials that would indicate any violations of the law by the fifth President. Thus, according to the law, the State Bureau of Investigations does not even have the authority to investigate such cases. However, this has been going on for more than a year and a half, and they are going to investigate this criminal case for another year. To carry out searches and other so-called investigative actions with the sole purpose of organizing political persecution and putting pressure on the opposition TV channel,” Holovan emphasizes.