Best platform of opportunities: 29 representatives of the Solidarity Youth won seats in October local elections

Twenty nine representatives of the European Solidarity youth organization – Solidarity Youth NGO have won council seats following the results of the local elections on October 25, 2020.

The chairman of the Solidarity Youth, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council Dinara Gabibullayeva stressed that the European Solidarity party youth is a true career lift.

“Servants of the People, unfortunately, left a negative perception of ‘new faces’, so we had to fight this stereotype to prove that young people can be professional and pro-European members in local councils. In total, 65 representatives nominated by Solidarity Youth won in the 2020 local elections. As a result, 29 representatives of the organization received deputy mandates – this is 44.6% of the nominated candidates, including eight regional coordinators, 12 deputies of city councils, 11 – district councils, 4 – in OTG, and 2 in regional councils,” Gabibullayeva said.

According to her, 15 candidates from Solidarity Youth remained on the verge of running for councils and gained extensive experience and the opportunity to fully experience all the pros and cons of the election race.

“A striking example is Bakhmut, where the party list was headed by the head of the Donetsk regional branch of Solidarity Youth, Arkady Petrosyan, who received a decent result in very difficult conditions,” Gabibullayeva added.

She noted that Solidarity Youth is a real platform of opportunities for young people. The organization nurtures a personnel reserve for the party, builds bridges of cooperation with the institutions of the European Union and their party youth organizations.

“Today, Solidarity Youth is the number one organization among political party organizations. Solidarity Youth candidates are ready-made regional youth leaders who have been carefully selected internally. We focused on quality, not quantity. All candidates have received a number of trainings from our international partners – the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute,” said Dinara Gabibullayeva.

“We appreciate the trust and full support of the party’s leader Petro Poroshenko. European Solidarity has provided quotas for young people on the lists for local elections and representation in headquarters, as well as in management positions. This gave a clear signal to young people that the party takes into account their opinion and helps to have representation in councils at various levels,” Gabibullayeva added.