Petro Poroshenko: government must return NATO roadmap on agenda

European Solidarity demands that the authorities return to the agenda the issue of obtaining an Action Plan for Ukraine’s membership in NATO, the chairman of European Solidarity, the fifth president Petro Poroshenko announced during the party congress on December 10.

Poroshenko stressed that the party’s goal is to preserve a democratic European Ukraine and lead it through reforms to a single European family of nations, which guarantees the well-being of Ukrainians. Poroshenko is convinced that joining NATO guarantees the country’s independence and national security.

“We demand that the authorities return the issue of MAP to the agenda. Georgia, as we see, has a chance to get it in the near future. We are not talking about Ukraine at the moment, because Ukraine, represented by its current leadership, has sent a signal that we do not really need this plan,” the fifth president warns.

European Solidarity is almost the only Ukrainian party that has extensive international contacts. “We are an associate member of the European People’s Party and a member of the International Democratic Union. We are dealing with the issues of the world coalition in support of Ukraine in our fight against Russian aggression, relations with the European Union and NATO as deeply and actively as we do with domestic issues,” the party leader said.

Poroshenko stressed that in foreign policy, the dilettantism of the current government is even more striking than any other. “[This president] will hardly find a country on the globe. The professionals that make up our diplomatic service work selflessly in all areas. However, the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now significantly deteriorated, and our foreign policy is exercised by clueless people that are far from understanding its basics. Hence the chaos and lack of strategy. Worst of all, diplomatic resistance to Russian aggression has been stopped, and this is disorienting our partners,” the fifth president said.

“European Solidarity, all our MPs who are involved in European integration and foreign policy, myself included, will continue to insure Ukraine against incompetent actions of this government on the international scene. International contacts are an important part of my efforts. You know , I came to this straight from a meeting with the ambassador of one of the G7 countries. By the way, more than one Western diplomat draws my attention to the fact that reforms in the defense and security sector that are key in terms of compliance with NATO standards, are being curtailed,” Poroshenko stressed.

“Life has given me some diplomatic experience, and despite the natural division between the government and the opposition, I am ready to lend a hand to help the country in foreign policy issues in the first place. Outside the country, I will do it anyway so that the coalition in support of Ukraine does not collapse, so that no one doubts that Ukraine will return to the active struggle for its membership in the European Union and NATO. These are far-reaching strategic goals of our party,” Poroshenko summed up.