Petro Poroshenko: European Solidarity confirmed its status as Ukraine’s most powerful opposition force

European Solidarity in the local elections held on October 25, 2020, confirmed its status as the strongest Ukrainian opposition force, the ES head, and the fifth president Petro Poroshenko said during a speech at the party congress on December 10.

“European Solidarity has been significantly rejuvenated. Almost 50% of our deputies who passed to local councils were elected for the first time. I would like to emphasize the first electoral success of our youth. 45% of our young candidates became deputies. 29 girls and boys nominated by Solidarity Youth, whose average age is 24, have been elected to 23 local councils,” Poroshenko said.

“Our first-elected deputies are people who won this right by conscientious service to Ukraine. These are volunteers, veterans, public activists, teachers and doctors, representatives of culture, small business. In the local elections, European Solidarity has confirmed its status as the most powerful Ukrainian opposition force,” the party leader said.

Poroshenko drew attention to the European Solidarity result in the eastern and southern regions. “We acted as a consolidation center of conscious Ukrainians, patriotic pro-European forces. European Solidarity is the only pro-European political force that has taken the 5% barrier everywhere,” he said.

“Now our local teams face a key task – to fiercely oppose the activities of the fifth column in each of the regions, attempts to destabilize the situation, to promote the idea of ​​federalism and capitulation to Russia. When the government is weak, the opposition bears a significant part of the responsibility for the unity of the country, its territorial integrity,” said the fifth president.

“It’s time to think about who, when and how will be able to overcome the consequences of incompetent government of Zelenski’s ignoramuses. More and more people are realizing that our team has resolved the problems faced by the country and the people much more professionally, although it has acted in much more difficult conditions. Now our task is to prove that in the future it is our team, the team of European Solidarity that will better cope with the challenges facing Ukraine,” Poroshenko stressed.