Iryna Herashchenko: electronic declaration must be urgently restored in full

European Solidarity demands the immediate resumption of electronic declaration in full, co-chairman of the ES faction Iryna Herashchenko said.

“The position of European Solidarity is as follows. Our team once introduced electronic declaration, the strictest legal norms for lying in declarations were also introduced, and bodies were set up to verify them. Today, all that is needed is the political will of the government, the ruling party, to restore everything. And the consolidated position of parliament. We have registered a number of our bills, we have signed joint ones with other factions and groups – for the sake of compromise,” Herashchenko said.

“Firstly: the bill should be passed this week, there is no further delay.

Secondly: the bill must be adopted according to the ad hoc procedure, just in general, not to create any preconditions to delay the second reading through amendments, etc.

Thirdly: the adoption of the bill as a whole requires the consolidation of parliament and all factions.

The decision of the Constitutional Court should also be taken into account so that the adopted bill is not repealed as unconstitutional, inconsistent with the decision of the Court. Therefore, our lawyers were looking for appropriate wording that would help restore criminal liability for false declarations. These three positions are being debated,” the faction’s co-chair said.

“ES is for voting this week, for criminal liability, for the resumption of the declaration in full. We are categorically against Zelensky’s bill, which removes the SBU and the leadership of other law enforcement agencies from the declaration list. It is noteworthy that government-fed anti-corruption activists prefer not to notice striking inconsistencies in Bankova’s law,” the parliamentarian added.

“Our representatives in the working group assume that a compromise must be found with all groups in order to restore criminal responsibility and adopt a law on an ad hoc basis, to find the proper legal wording that will make it impossible to repeal the newly adopted law as unconstitutional. We also insist on the adoption of the EU law on the fair election of judges of the Constitutional Court, so that this institution does not turn into another pocket court of Bankova, populated by ‘100% Zelensky’s’ judges,” Herashchenko stressed.