Maryna Poroshenko: Priorities in Kyiv’s development program are distorted

The program of economic and social development of Kyiv in 2021, which was submitted to the recent Kyiv City Council session, does not meet the requirements of the time or the expectations of Kyiv residents, the chairman of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Policy, a member of the European Solidarity faction Maryna Poroshenko said.

She noted that the capital’s budget for next year envisages a cut in funding for healthcare, while billions of hryvnias are allocated for projects that will not be completed in 2021.

The European Solidarity faction studied in detail the draft Program of Economic and Social Development of Kyiv, Maryna Poroshenko said.

“We have great doubts that this program meets both the requirements of the time and the expectations of the city of Kyiv. The first thing that budget should be spent now is definitely not on the dubious ‘grand theft’, but on the healthcare and social protection. We do not see this in the program that has been offered to us,” she stressed.

“At the national level, we have already seen where chaotic, unprepared and completely illogical decisions can lead to. Our task as council people is not to repeat the mistakes of the central government, which is insanely losing trust and support,” Maryna Poroshenko is convinced.

She reminded that after the audit conducted by European Solidarity members in the Kyiv City Council found and redistributed to hospitals 422 million hryvnias.

“We were really surprised this had not been done before, because timely response is an essential element of effective management. It is good that our decision has created opportunities for medical institutions to procure everything necessary for the treatment of coronavirus patients this year, Maryna Poroshenko said.

“The amendments that I and my colleagues in the faction have made to the Program concern urgent issues. However, they are ignored in the discussed project. What we see is an obvious distortion of priorities. On the one hand – billions of hryvnias are allocated for large projects that no one is even going to complete next year. On the other hand – a drop in funding for medicine – and that’s during the coronavirus pandemic,” the head of the profile commission is indignant.

“To sum up, these risks do not give European Solidarity strong reasons to vote for this program as it is imposed on us. We are not going to support it until it becomes truly socially and economically oriented towards the citizens of Kyiv,” Maryna Poroshenko stressed in conclusion.