ES: unacceptability of resumption of gas imports from Russia a red line for govt

European Solidarity views the government’s plans to resume gas imports from the aggressor country as proof of the intentions of the country’s political leadership to return Ukraine to energy dependence on Moscow.

The an unmotivated increase in the price of gas is nothing but a provocation aimed at justifying the return of Ukraine to the Kremlin gas hook.

We have no doubt that the main topic of the Berlin meeting of advisers of the Normandy format was not the search for peace in Donbass, but the resumption of imports of natural gas from Russia, which means direct financing of the aggressor country’s budget.

These plans of the government are synchronized with Boyko-Medvedchuk’s proposals. They are in line with Kolomoisky’s infamous anti-Atlantic initiative to turn Ukraine from the West to Russia. All of this has been put on the agenda just as Gazprom is rapidly losing ground in the European market and the United States is stepping up efforts to block Nord Stream construction. In this critical situation, the Ukrainian authorities are rushing to Putin’s aid.

The categorical unacceptability of the resumption of gas imports from Russia is a red line similar to the one drawn by the society in November 2019 on the eve of the Normandy format summit. Ukraine has not bought gas from Russia for more than five years, and our energy independence from the aggressive empire is one of the main achievements of the past decade. To deviate from this is to surrender to Russia.

This is personal responsibility of Volodymyr Zelensky and PM Denys Shmyhal.

The so-called cheap Russian gas is a deadly weapon, like cheap cheese in a mousetrap. It has already cost Ukraine the Crimea, the occupied areas of Donbass, and thousands and thousands of Ukrainian lives.