Poroshenko: pressure on Kremlin must continue until Ukrainian lands liberated

The Ukrainian government need to resume efforts to adopt the Minsk Road Map, which remains the basis for a peaceful settlement, the fifth President, the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko stated on the Day of Unity of Ukraine.

“Critics haven’t come up with anything else in two years. This roadmap should provide a clear sequence of steps. First, achieving security and only then – political issues,” he reminded.

“Our team, together with Germany and France, almost pressed Russia into agreeing with to such a document. But in 2018, Putin put this discussion on the backburner in anticipation of a change of government in Ukraine. The unprofessional incumbent Ukrainian government has removed this issue from the agenda just to realize [in two years] that it was a mistake,” the fifth president states.

He said he believes that this mistake can be rectified at least until the end of this year, as long as Angela Merkel remains the chancellor of Germany and Joseph Biden’s team takes office in the United States, and Ukraine can count on their support.

“The same applies to the issue of the deployment of peacekeepers on the basis of the UN Security Council mandate throughout the occupied territory of Donbass. ES team spent several years convincing our partners. Germany’s ruling coalition has even included this item in its program. Strangely, it is not on Zelensky’s program,” said the leader of European Solidarity.

“There can be no truce on the diplomatic front. The siege of the Kremlin must continue,” the opposition leader said.

He is also convinced that the American side should be more actively involved in the negotiation process on both the on Donbas and Crimean issues, including through its involvement in the Normandy format.

Poroshenko also mentioned the ECHR’s ruling regarding the violation of human rights in the occupied Crimea: “Our team has been carefully preparing this case for a very long time, and the first result significantly strengthens Ukraine’s international legal position on the issue of Crimea’s de-occupation.”

The ES leader pointed out that protest potential is growing in the run-up to the autumn elections to the State Duma in Russia/ Protests could undermine the foundations of the Putin regime, and there is a chance that the change of regime may give Ukraine time to strengthen its defense capacities.