Poroshenko’s plan: urgent testing, ban on Russian vaccine, criminal liability for vaccination scams

The European Solidarity faction in the Verkhovna Rada has submitted a bill suggesting measures to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, MP Maria Ionova said as she unveiled the details of the “anti-COVID” plan.

European Solidarity proposes to conduct a sweeping nation-wide test to identify priority groups of citizens for vaccination against coronavirus, to ban the purchase of Russia-made vaccines, and establish criminal liability for machinations with the vaccine. The bill also envisions to provide a tax rebate on the costs of COVID-19 diagnosis and testing, the purchase of medicines and medical devices needed for treatment.

For a year now, European Solidarity has been proposing Poroshenko’s plan to fight COVID. According to this plan, all medics should receive a salary increase, so that all members of medical and paramedical staff working with COVID patients receive tripled salaries. “We propose to increase the budget for vaccination and immediately start a public awareness program. Otherwise, Ukraine will long remain behind a new COVID wall,” reminded Maria Ionova.

“The first step is a sweeping test, accompanied by controlled self-isolation of asymptomatic people and free-of-charge treatment of hospitalized patients. The healthy must be vaccinated. All kinds of anti- COVID maraudery by the authorities and the Grand Theft must be stopped,” emphasizes Ionova.

“All questions related to national testing can totally be resolved within a month. In this way, we will stop the spread of the virus, rather than keeping the whole country in a lockdown. We should not isolate the whole country,” Ionova said.

“The Cabinet of Ministers should develop a national program for immunization of citizens against coronavirus and, according to one of the bills, provide funding for healthcare facilities involved in vaccination. The government should allocate at least UAH 15 billion in the state budget for the purchase of the vaccine.

“It is also necessary to approve the priority criteria – the first to be vaccinated are medical workers and servicemen; then go the elderly and the staff of educational and social institutions. Vaccination of these social groups must be completed by September 1.

“The government should set and control marginal prices for anti-epidemic goods and services, including vaccines and tests.

“European Solidarity calls for a ban on the import, distribution and sale in Ukraine of vaccines developed or produced in the territory or with the participation of a country duly recognized by the aggressor state.

“Finally, let Zelensky and his government make it crystal clear that neither Russian vaccine nor Russian gas will be purchased from the aggressor country,” Ionova said.

The bill is setting forth that COVID vaccination is free of charge. Any form of charges for vaccination in state and municipal healthcare facilities must be prohibited. European Solidarity also demands a ban on the resale of the vaccine purchased on budget funds.