Fifth president’s lawyers seek bringing Derkach, Dubinsky to justice for anti-Ukrainian activities

Zelensky’s government must not just shut fake cases against Biden and Poroshenko, but also prosecute those who carry out subversive activities in favor of Russia and destroy strategic relations between Ukraine and the United States, including lawmakers Derkach and Dubinsky, say the lawyers of the fifth President Poroshenko. They reported that criminal proceedings opened on January 22, 2021 by the decision of the Pechersk court against Biden and Poroshenko, were urgently closed.

According to lawyers, the network of pro-Russian influence inside Ukraine continues its subversive activities. Thus, the Pechersk court’s Judge Volkova issued on September 11 last year a decision ordering the DBR to register two more proceedings.

“This decision was executed as a matter of urgency on January 22 when President Biden has already taken office as President of the United States. According to our data, these proceedings, recently hastily opened, have already been shut,” Ilya Novikov said.

Novikov also noted that on February 1, the Appeals Chamber of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court finally confirmed the decision to close the proceedings investigated by NABU on Derkach’s request.

“The Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the Anti-Corruption Court to close on the request of MP Derkach the the investigated by NABU proceedings, known as the Biden-Poroshenko case. This case has finally died, but the way it has developed allows us to look into the kitchen of how decisions are made in the Office of the Prosecutor General and the DBR,” Novikov said.

“When the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court on January 21 considered Derkach’s complaint to close the proceedings as an “empty case”, i.e. containing no signs of a criminal offense. The so-called “investigation” went on for several months and ended Ukrainian in closure. Accordingly, Derkach’s request to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court to stop criminal proceeding was turned down,” said lawyer Ihor Holovan.

Ilya Novikov reminded that when Derkach released the so-called “tapes” on May 19, 2020, Prosecutor General Venediktova overnight opened three criminal cases. “The very next morning, and that goes to show why cases are opened at night. President Zelensky commented on this at his big press conference having said he was delighted with this idea, “Novikov reminded.

After MP Derkach found himself on the sanctions list as a Russian agent, the authorities clearly saw that the situation was damaging to relations between Ukraine and the United States. “The attitude of all law enforcement agencies to these cases has changed dramatically,” Ilya Novikov reminded.

“I would like to remind you that when the US Treasury Department announced on January 11 that sanctions had been imposed on Dubinsky and others, it directly mentioned “Russian agent Derkach” as well as a Russia-related network of foreign influence on politics and US elections. I think all this is duly documented by the relevant US authorities,” said lawyer Ihor Golovan.

“We demand that Derkach should be brought to justice. We seek bringing Dubinsky to justice for his slander. Essentially, they knowingly submitted false reports of a crime. Secondly, it is in fact subversive activities in the interests of the aggressor state and against Ukrainian interests. The pro-Russian network continues to operate, and measures must be taken to bring its members to justice,” the lawyer concluded.