Poroshenko’s lawyers: all those who falsify cases against Poroshenko will face justice

Everyone involved in the political persecution of Petro Poroshenko will sooner or later be held accountable, say the lawyers of the fifth President. 

In particular, the lawyers reported that law enforcers in execution of judgments were forced to reopen cases for false reports of crime against the security and SBI officers who organized the raid in HoncharMuseum.

In particular, according to Ihor Holovan, the Office of the Prosecutor General on March 12 registered criminal proceedings for violating the rights of lawyers during the raid on of the Honchar Museum. “We are talking about the violations of law during the infamous raid in the Honchar Museum, where a collection of paintings by the Poroshenko family was exhibited. The Office of the Prosecutor General registered this criminal proceeding on the fact of violation of the rights of lawyers by the decision of the panel of judges of the Judicial Chamber of the Kyiv Court of Appeal,” Holovan said.  

He noted that Kyiv’s Shevchenko district court ordered the reopening of the investigation against a group of OPZZ parliamentaries, who accused US Presidents Biden and Obama, as well as Poroshenko. The investigation was closed in December 2020.  

The lawyer also reminded that the National Police at one time closed the proceedings against the lawyer Andriy Portnov, who initiated a number of cases against Poroshenko. 

“We immediately informed law enforcement agencies that Portnov had submitted knowingly false reports of the crime. Accordingly, criminal proceedings were registered,” Holovan said. 

“They were closed in 2019. On March 2, the Kyiv Court of Appeal reopened the probe, and the decisions to close the criminal proceedings were revoked,” the lawyer added. 

Ilya Novikov reminded that Andriy Portnov, who returned to Ukraine on May 19, 2019, filed the first complaint against Poroshenko on May 20 for ordering Ukrainian sailors to cross the Kerch Strait. The lawyer notes that these falsified cases were planned in advance, and their “investigation” was fully supported by the Zelensky Office. 

“Clearly, this statement was not written in one sleepless night. It is obvious that Portnov has brought it from Moscow. It is time to summarize what we know so far. It will be two years soon since the beginning of this story. We hope that these three decisions, all of them,send us a signal that will be duly perceived,” the lawyer said.

Novikov called on all those whom the government is trying to involve in the illegal persecution of the leader of the opposition party Poroshenko to remember about imminent responsibility. 

He stressed that Zelensky’s office continues regular meetings with security officers who have been tasked to persecute Petro Poroshenko. 

“According to our information, the tradition of weekly meetings with law enforcement officers under the slogan “let’s do something about Poroshenko” continues. There is an NABU forensic report saying that Roman Truba’s voice on the infamous “Truba’s tapes” was genuine. It is quite obvious that Zelensky’s office is looking for new performers to sign[false reports], crash doors, break the law, etc.” Novikov said. 

“Over the past two years, none of the much-touted cases against Poroshenko has resulted in anything real. Meanwhile, it is getting increasingly clear that the people who were given these shameful orders will be held responsible,” the lawyer summed up.