Gen. Zabrodsky: evidence in Wagner case continues to be destroyed

The evidence in the Wagnergate case continues to be destroyed, stated the Hero of Ukraine Lt Gen Mykhailo Zabrodsky, People’s Deputy from the European Solidarity.

He notes that the delay in creating a parliamentary TIC is aimed to buy time to those involved in the disruption of the special operation to “clean up” the traces of possible treason in Zelensky’s Office.  

“The forces that are interested in delaying and complicating the investigation are wasting no time. In particular, I, as a people’s deputy, received information about the efforts to destroy a significant part of the documentary evidence on the preparation and conduct of a special operation to detain members of the PMC Wagner, Zabrodsky said. 

“One of the recent proposals from the ruling mono-majority was to create a kind of comprehensive temporary commission of inquiry. According to the initiators, this commission, along with the “Wagner case” will investigate a number of other scandalous reports. Their list is so long and diverse that such work will simply blur the main issue, the answer to which society is waiting for,” Zabrodsky stressed.

The lawmaker says that the very composition and profile of this commission raises serious doubts about its ability to cover the full range of investigative topics.

“The work of this TIC will require a significant amount of informationand a lot of time. Any delay in the parliamentary investigation, even for objective reasons, does not do honor and demeans the role of parliamentary control at the time when Ukrainian citizens and our [foreign] partners are waiting for the soonest answer to the question: who is to blame,” Zabrodsky said.

The European Solidarity faction demands the immediate creation of a parliamentary TIC to investigate the failure of a special operation to detain militants of the Russian private military company Wagner.

“The main question is whether Ukraine is able to investigate this case on its own. That is what we demand, and insist on the creation of a parliamentary TIC. Why is this important? First, if the perpetrators go unpunished, they will continue to create the conditions for the leak of state secrets directly to the Kremlin. Secondly, the truth must be established not just punish the guilty to restore the confidence of Western partners, but also restore the trustof Western partners. The thwart of the special operation dealt a heavy unexpected blow to this trust,” Zabrodskystated in parliament on March 19.

“Wagner is a terrorist group that does the dirtiest job for the Putin regime anywhere in the world, including Ukrainian Donbass,” Zabrodskyreminded.

He noted that among the members of this criminal group that was planned to be detained were two terrorists involved in the downing of a Malaysian Boeing MN-17 and two military transport aircraft. 

“In a matter of few hours before the successful detention of war criminals, a probable “mole” in Ukraine’s military leadership let these murders go free and destroyed another portion of evidence of Putin’sactivities against Ukraine,” Zabrodsky said.

“We emphasize that the creation of a parliamentary TIC and the establishment of the truth in this case is a crucial issue of national security, which should unite all members of Ukrainian parliament in this hall without exception, regardless of their to party affiliation,” he said