Petro Poroshenko: return army to its position and just look Putin in the eye

The leader of the European Solidarity party, the fifth President Petro Poroshenko, demands that the army units should be returned to the positions from which they were withdrawn two years ago, that counter-sniper groups be brought to the forefront again, that reconnaissance and drones activities be restored. 

“We thank Ukrainian soldiers for their courage in counteracting the aggressor, including for their endurance, because sometimes it is difficult to understand the maneuvers of Zelensky, who for two years now has been looking Putin in the eyes. It’s about time to face the truth. Moskowholds the keys to war and peace in the region. The thesis that all that is needed to achieve peace is stop firing and that only a truce can ensure peace, proved wrong,” Poroshenko stated. 

“It has to be said loud and clear: Putin is a murderer. We have been talking about this since 2014. Now the whole world from Biden to Trudeau is talking about it. I hope, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, you will be able to squeeze this definition out of yourself,” the fifth President urged. 

“We need to act decisively: implement the joint initiative of Ukraine, Germany and France on the Minsk roadmap based on the “security first”principle, which we, together with the Germans and the French, emphasized at the Normandy Berlin Summit in 2016,” the European Solidarity leader reminded. 

Poroshenko also stressed that the initiative to establish a peacekeeping mission in the occupied Donbass, in accordance with the mandate of the UN Security Council, needs immediate implementation, because two years have passed.

“Our team is convinced that Kyiv’s position is weakened by the lack of direct dialogue between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine. The reason is obvious – Zelensky’s is protectingKolomoisky’s interests,” Poroshenko said.

“I am firmly convinced that the lack of fight against corruption, the curtailment of reforms is the hidden pincode for this telephone conversation,” said the fifth President.

“As for the situation on the front, the units should be returned to the positions from which they were withdrawn two years ago. Bring counter-sniper groups back to the front line, as most of the twenty-six Ukrainian soldiers were killed by sniper fire. Restrictions on intelligence activities should be lifted. The activity of drones, artillery reconnaissance and counter-battery fight must resume,” Poroshenko said.