European Solidarity: Zelensky must explain why there is still no case against Kremlin agent Derkach, while SBI keeps probing Biden, Poroshenko

European Solidarity demands to finally bring to justice MP Andriy Derkach, whom the US government declared a FSB agent and imposed sanctions on him for interfering in the American elections.

MP Maria Ionova (ES) stated as she commented on the information on the forensic examination of the voices of Biden and Poroshenko in the so-called “Derkach tapes” case.

“Unfortunately, the Security Service of Ukraine fails to report on the opening of criminal proceedings against Derkach for suspected high treason,” she reminded.

“We demand an official investigation into the responsibility of the detective Doshchenko, who continues the criminal case against US President Biden, contrary to the decision of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. Also, the respective SBI investigative group and the supervision group must be disbanded and dismissed,” Ionova stressed.

“We demand to cancel the ad-hoc commission on “Biden-Poroshenko tapes” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. President Zelensky must give public explanations regarding the documents published by the Web publication. Otherwise, it looks like [president Zelensky] controls this probe. It seems that Zelensky continues to lie to the people of Ukraine and our international partners,” Ionova summed up.