Iryna Gerashchenko: Zelensky must restore Normandy format and demand a four-partite summit

The support of Ukraine’s international partners will help force Putin to implement the agreements and held accountable for the crimes in Donbas, says MP Iryna Gerashchenko, co-chair of the European Solidarity faction.

“We are concerned that Zelensky, as a matter of fact, is destroying the Normandy format with his unprofessional actions. He has repeatedly stated that he is ready to talk with each leader of the Normandy format in a one-on-one format. This amounts to discrediting this format. As soon as Ukraine finds itself face to face with Putin, we lose the support of the EU. We are losing the format when Putin has to answer not only to Zelensky’s eyes about the violations taking place in Donbass today, but also to European leaders, who are also guarantors of Ukraine’s security,” the lawmaker emphasized.

Gerashchenko emphasizes that Putin will not say anything new during a one-on-one meeting with Zelensky.

“As always, we will hear that Putin is not a party to the conflict, that there is a civil war going on in Ukraine. It is important that world leaders, representatives of the EU, sit next to Zelensky, so that we have an agreed position with the United States. They should unanimously demand that Putin, the murderer, answered as to why Russia did not fulfil any agreement of the last summit in the Normandy format in December 2019. Not all hostages have been released, the checkpoints have not been opened, international humanitarian missions have not been allowed into the occupied territories, and no demining has taken place. Most importantly, there is no security. Every day, every week, Ukrainian soldiers die, civilians die, killed by Russian land mines in the occupied territories. Putin must be held accountable for all this,” she said.

“Zelensky’s phone was silent for a year, but now Putin has provoked a wave of important international calls: Biden, the Prime Minister of Canada, our international partners in the EU. All of them express concern over what is happening in Donbass. It is very important. But this only goes to show that Russian aggression can be overcome by joint efforts,” the lawmaker stressed.

“Zelensky and his team must seek to restore the Normandy format  and require  four-partite rather than a one-on-one meeting. Ukraine, France, Germany and the aggressor country, Russia, should sit at the round table,” the co-chair of the European Solidarity faction summed up.