Poroshenko announced 5 “red lines” for Zelensky in the process of peaceful settlement in Donbass

The fifth President, the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko In his address set five “red lines” for Zelensky in the process of peaceful settlement in Donbas.

“The first red line, which is categorically unacceptable to break, no matter how much one wants to meet with Putin, is the inadmissibility of any revision of Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic course laid down in the constitution,” Poroshenko stressed.

Another red line is the inadmissibility of any concessions on the issue of national identity, namely the Ukrainian language and the Ukrainian church, said the European Solidarity leader.

“Putin reiterated these dreams again just last week. And look how  “Servants” simultaneously again try to revise the language legislation,” Poroshenko states.

“The third red line: no elections in Donbas territories that are not controlled by Kyiv pending a full-fledged and clear, comprehensive guarantee of security, deoccupation and restoration of border control,” the fifth President said.

Poroshenko also dismissed any compromises on the Crimea issue, including fresh water supplies as unacceptable: “the Russian occupation authorities should be responsible for water supply until the peninsula returns to Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

The fifth red line – no apologies to Putin for his aggression. Lawsuits and cases to bring the Kremlin to justice must remain a top priority. No matter how many years pass, Moscow must be held accountable for the murders of Ukrainians and violations of international law. Putin’s crimes against Ukraine have no statute of limitations. It is a pity that Zelensky has not filed any new lawsuits since 2019,” Poroshenko stated.

He also warned Zelensky against the desire to meet with the Russian president. “Putin is obsessed with the imperial idea, he is a cunning and experienced predator. A ticket to Putin is worth fulfilling the preconditions or making certain commitments. There is a high risk that Zelensky will again take on certain commitments and rush to fulfil them for the sake of the meeting, as was the case before and during the Normandy summit in December 2019. It should be borne in mind that in the talks with Moscow, Kyiv will be stronger in a multilateral format, with the participation of Berlin and Paris, on the basis of a joint negotiating position with them,” the fifth president warns.

“Today, the Kremlin has reiterated that Putin does not want to discuss Donbass with Zelensky, but we have no other issues with Russia. We have nothing else to talk about with Moscow until it returns Crimea and Donbass,” Poroshenko stressed.

“The key to victory is international solidarity and unity with Ukraine. Only with a common front inside and outside the country will we be able to repel the Russian aggressor,” the opposition leader summed up.