We must not protect the “mole” in the top ranks of the state, but the interests of Ukraine – Poroshenko demands the creation of a commission to investigate the Wagner Group

The leader of the European Solidarity Party, fifth President Petro Poroshenko, called on deputies from the podium of parliament to support the establishment of a committee to investigate the disruption caused by the special operations of the Wagner Group.
He stressed that for over a year the parliamentary majority had been blocking the establishment of this committee.

“We will now seek to establish a special committee on the so-called ‘Wagnerians’ – a Russian terrorist organisation consisting of tens of thousands of terrorists worldwide, on whose conscience lies the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian citizens. Flight MH17, the IL-76 downing near Luhansk airport, the AN-26 crash, the torture of Ukrainians in captivity, and many other crimes. For more than a year, the parliamentary majority has not lent the support of its representatives, preventing the creation of this committee, de facto taking the side of the enemy,” Poroshenko stated.

“I want to remind you that they will now proceed with their own committee. Temporary commissions of inquiry are the constitutional mechanism that the opposition holds over parliament. The government has law enforcement and supervisory bodies in order to implement the information it receives,” the fifth President reminded.
“I was shocked when journalists reported on instructions from the President’s Office to the majority’s MPs ordering them not to vote for the committee and to instead vote for a 750-million-dollar trinket of a bribe. When was there ever more humiliation of our parliament?” Petro Poroshenko asked indignantly.

“We must not protect the “mole” in the top ranks of the state, which initially denied the very fact of this operation. As the fifth President and former Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I was forced to disclose information that it was I who authorized security cooperation with international partners; this operation was considered a brilliant feat of our Ukrainian security services.” Poroshenko said.

“Do not be afraid that someone in government will suffer from this investigation. Fear that Ukraine will suffer. Blocking this investigation will undermine the credibility of international cooperation with our special services,” said the leader of European Solidarity.

“I first call on all representatives of the majority, this is a historic vote, and it will define how you will be remembered. Support this motion. Support our special services. Support the punishment of criminals, including through the Hague Tribunal, including Putin,” Petro Poroshenko summed up.