Today, Pfizer vaccines are being received in Ukraine by people close to the Government – Victoria Sumar

Vaccination in Ukraine is being carried out by the government in a self-interested and dishonest way- the most effective vaccine, made by vaccine, is being given only to members of the government and ministry officials. So stated, People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction, Victoria Sumar.

“On this day of exaltation and patriotism, when everyone is looking so beautiful dressed in embroidered shirts for Vyshyvanka Day, I do not want to speak about unpleasant thing. However today I must announce some new and shocking facts from this podium about how vaccination is taking place in Ukraine,” the deputy said.

She reminded the parliament that in the last parliamentary conciliations, the fifth President of Ukraine and leader of “European Solidarity” Petro Poroshenko cited data from the official site of the National Security and Defence on who is being vaccinated with the most effective Pfizer vaccines.
“You know- there was one only one person listed from the 80 years + category, and ten thousand people listed from the ‘others’ category. We then asked: Who are these ‘others’ who are being vaccinated in Ukraine with Pfizer today,” she said.

The deputy continued: “Today we have received numerous indications that the Pfizer vaccine is going to government officials in Ukraine. Mass vaccination with the Pfizer jab is taking place in ministries and department, within the staff of the National Security and Defence Council, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

“That is to say, the vaccine with the highest level of protection is today not being given to doctors who risk their lives every day, not to teachers, not to those groups at risk. It is instead given to government officials. Everything is made as simple as possible for them, there is no effort to create logistics for mass vaccination. A car just comes into the territory of ministries and departments and vaccinations takes place there,” she said.

“Millions of Ukrainians have been living locked at home for over a year now- pensioners, people with serious illnesses, cancer patients, those with serious hypertension or diabetes- they are simply too afraid to leave home. Yet right now, Ukrainian officials are receiving their second dose of Pfizer. They do so to get vaccination passport and to travel to the European Union without hindrance,” Victoria Sumar stressed.

She noted that today the parliament was set to approve the new Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

“I want him to do what Prime Minister Shmyhal did- it’s time for you to look into the eyes of Ukrainians and honestly say how vaccination is being carried out in Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky said at his last conference that he and Shmyhal are champions in the fight against coronavirus. Given this latest data, I think that you are champions of cynicism,” the deputy stated.