Poroshenko Calls on Authorities to Raise Salaries and Pensions to Compensate for Significant Increases in Prices and Tariffs

Fifth president and leader of the “European Solidarity” party Petro Poroshenko, during the latest conciliatory council called by authorities, called on the authorities to increase salaries, pensions, and subsidies as food prices in Ukraine have risen significantly and utility tariffs continues, all while incomes have not increased.

“I must now admit that Zelensky and company are true masters of their craft- not in fighting against coronavirus, but in worsening people’s living standards. This is why exactly the opposition and parliament are fighting against the current ruling party, because the public should find out what is really going on. From tomorrow, the set gas price for Ukrainians will be the highest in recorded history post-independence. Tariffs, including on VAT and gas transportation, will total between 9 to 14 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters. Have salaries increased? Have pensions increased? Or has there, maybe, been even some sort of compensation through subsidies for the sharp deterioration in people’s living standards? No,” Poroshenko stated.

“Even today, we have not witnessed any changes to the budget, which would provide funds to increase the payment of subsidies to the most vulnerable sectors of society,” Petro Poroshenko stated.
He reminded the council of the government’s “so-called Good Friday Agreement” which forced people, during the hight of the pandemic, to create new paperwork and line up with certificates in front of social security offices.

“If you don’t know how to do this, look at what we did in 2015. Subsidies were automatically transferred to 7 million households, and people received strong social protections. You have currently provided subsidies for just over 2 million. Please tell me, what will be done for the other 5 million Ukrainian households?” Poroshenko asked.

“On January 1 of this year, for the first time since 2017, you abolished the preferential electricity tariff for our citizens. Now what about your promise to half the tariff? As well as your promises to do away with your motorcade and to not visit state resort properties? Why did you forget about these things so quickly?” the fifth President emphasised.

“I am convinced that all this must be compensated. The doubling of prices for basic consumer goods of Ukrainians should be compensated automatically with salaries and pensions. And on this occasion, we need to force the Prime Minister on Friday in order to comply with the law on the protection of Ukrainians. It provides for the payment of salaries and pensions in the event of a sharp rise in prices, “the leader of European Solidarity reminded.

“We must protect Ukraine and Ukrainians,” Petro Poroshenko summed up.