Iryna Gerashchenko: “European Solidarity” demands resolution be put to a vote condemning Lukashenko regime

The “European Solidarity” party is demanding that a draft resolution be tabled in the Verkhovna Rada to condemn the Lukashenko regime. This was stated by co-chairman of the party Iryna Gerashchenko from the podium of the Ukrainian parliament. She warned Zelensky’s government against trying to build an authoritarian state in Ukraine, such as in Belarus.

“European Solidarity is continuing to chronical the absurdities of the Zelensky era. Wage arrears for this year have increased 1.5 times and now total a record 3.5 billion UAH. Yesterday’s ‘anti-corruption’ body quietly agreed with supervisory boards to remain silent about corruption in Ukraine. We have seen two record increases in electricity tariffs, and for gas, a rise to between 9-14 thousand UAH per cubic meter. Yet none of the 20 advisors to the President’s office will tell you about this. They are uncompromisingly positioned not to fight against Nord Stream 2 project, but rather to fight with Poroshenko. All this at a time when Ukraine will soon loose all its leverage in the fight against Nord Stream 2,” Gerashchenko said.

“Ukraine has received a 200-million-dollar grant from the World Bank for higher education reform. At this moment, this new crook-like-character-in-chief, so happily portrayed by Zelensky, has stated that he will spend 7 billion UAH of taxpayers’ money on some glitzy new project, naturally, a presidential university. Today, we have record unemployment rates. Profitable businesses have become and unprofitable, all against the backdrop of Zelensky’s so-called fight against the oligarchs, while in reality the wealth of oligarchs continues to grow,” Gerashchenko remarked.

“In 2020, Ukraine bought coal from the Russian Federation for 1 billion UAH, and these are resources all extracted from the occupied Donbas. All this is very reminiscent of the situation in a neighbouring country where, 27 years ago, an unassuming simple man from a village, shouting slogans about fighting the oligarchs and corruption, came along promising just one term to shake up the system. He began his tumultuous career at the age of 27 by imprisoning all oppositions members and killing those that he could not imprison. Doesn’t this remind you of anyone?” the co-chairman of the party asked, rhetorically.

“Today we are seeing Ukraine, step by step, become a totalitarian, undemocratic, authoritarian state. You all indulge this future when you remain silent about corruption, when you attribute this great theft to Covid, when attribute the ongoing fight against the Ukrainian language to this pandemic. When some 50 thousand Ukrainians died of Covid, your dear tyrant sent 400 oxygen devices to India. If Zelensky wants to make a donation under his own name, the law allows for this, but he does not make it under our name, we need these devices.”

“We demand that Belarus not be built in Ukraine, but instead to put a resolution on the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada, condemning the Lukashenko regime,” Iryna Gerashchenko summed up.