Petro Poroshenko: Completion of Nord Stream is a consequence of Zelensky’s inaction, leads Ukraine into Kremlin’s “energy trap”

The completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline was only possible due to the inaction of the current Ukrainian authorities. This was stated during a conciliatory council by the fifth President, the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko. He also noted that for the same reason, Ukraine will not be at the next NATO summit again.

“We should call things as they are. We were not invited to the NATO summit. And Zelensky was unable to attend the NATO summit, organise an international coalition in support of Ukraine or protect Ukraine through the formation of this coalition, which we established in 2014, “Poroshenko stressed.

It was not someone who did not allow the extension of sanctions against Nord Stream-2, but Zelensky. To date, we have to admit that Nord Stream 2 will be completed in connection with your criminal inaction. And Ukraine will turn from a powerful transit country into Belarus-2, to which you doom us: to be in Moscow’s “energy stall”, not to be allies in Brussels, but to drift towards Russia, “the European Solidarity leader said.

“It is not you or I who failed to secure the extension of sanction against Nord Stream 2, but Zelensky. Now, we have to acknowledge that Nord Stream 2 will be completed as a result of your criminal inaction. Ukraine will turn from a powerful energy transit point into Belarus-2- you doom us to be stuck in Moscow’s “energy trap”, stuck and unable to be allied to Brussels, but instead drift towards Russia,” the European Solidarity leader said.