Petro Poroshenko asks US senators to arrange Biden’s meeting with Zelensky before talks with Putin

The fifth President and the leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko, during a meeting with a delegation of US senators in Ukraine, requested that a meeting of US and Ukrainian presidents be organised before the Biden-Putin talks. So reported Poroshenko to local journalists.

“Firstly, these are good and reliable friends of Ukraine who came to visit, senators whom I have known for many, many years and who have always helped us to keep Ukraine’s issues on the agenda and helped to ensure bilateral support for Ukraine in the US Congress,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“I thanked them for this, and we agreed to meet again in Washington. My first request was, in principle, that the meeting with President Zelensky and President Biden should take place before the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva on the 15th. “Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine” was an absolutely rigid and concrete requirement for diplomacy during my term. We definitely have to keep this up. The fate of Ukraine cannot be discussed without our participation, ” Poroshenko stated.

“The second part of our conversation was on Nord Stream-2.” You know that the German delegation has now gone to Washington. We are firmly convinced that, despite the absolutely failed position of the Ukrainian president on Nord Stream, the sanctions that were imposed while working with the United States under our administration can be returned. Unfortunately, this current state of affairs clearly demonstrates a lack of effective dialogue between the President of Ukraine and the United States, “said the leader of European Solidarity.

“The third part of our talks was on NATO. Ukraine has always been present at all NATO summits – but neither in 2019 nor in 2021 was Ukraine invited, “said the fifth President.

Poroshenko stressed that signing of defence agreement on the supply of lethal weapons should be escalated, because current negotiations have also slowed. “I have asked very influential members of the US Senate to encourage us to bring up to this extremely important topic for Ukraine once again. And that for an Action Plan on NATO membership, the reforms of the defence sector of our country must be continued, ” said Petro Poroshenko.

“We were pleased to hear encouragement for our administration’s many reforms, including anti-corruption reform, the creation of an independent anti-corruption structure, the launch of judicial reform, decentralization reform, security sector reform, EU and NATO constitutional changes, and much more. Our American partners are following Ukraine very closely. And they treat our politics as a very important topic for Americans. Not taking advantage of this interest in us is an absolute waste. And I very much hope that the next visit by the American delegation will help facilitate this exchange, ” the European Solidarity leader stated.

“We hope to see the implementation of our agreements, our meetings in Washington, our intensification of negotiations, our respect for our main strategic partner, the United States, as well as the resumption of the lost dialogue with the European Union. You can see, however, that the Ukraine-EU summit has been postponed from the summer to October, which certainly does not inspire optimism, “Poroshenko said.

“We emphasize once again that we have the right to quarrel about internal politics. Domestically, we have many well-founded claims against Zelensky, ranging from the destruction of the social protection system, the increase in tariffs for heat, gas, and electricity, which every Ukrainian has felt impact them since the change yesterday. We have very serious concerns about personnel costs, security, the situation in the army, and decentralization. We have seen major setback or abandonment of reforms, starting with corporate governance reforms and ending with civil service reform. But we must unite and demonstrate internal unity in matters of strategic and foreign policy. I very much hope that we will still be able to correct the failures of foreign policy made by Zelensky, Yermak and their entire team,” Petro Poroshenko summed up.

Currently, a delegation of US senators, including Democratic Senators Gene Shahin and Chris Murphy, as well as Republican Senator Rob Portman, is visiting Ukraine.