Rostyslav Pavlenko: Zelensky’s Party encouraged corruption and brought it to an unprecedented level

Instead of increasing the responsibility for false wealth declarations, Zelensky’s parliamentary majority has voted in favour of being able to conceal wealth with impunity. This was stated by People’s Deputy Rostislav Pavlenko of the European Solidarity faction on the air of “Pryamoy”.

“Of course, this is all has to do with the parliamentary majority. There have been some funny moments when the “Servants of the People” have suddenly gathered around the rostrum, the presidium, lost some amendment, or failed to vote for some amendment. And it turned out that behind all this, as it is fashionable to say, behind this “hype” of drawing attention to nonsense, they have now made a very dubious decision from the point of view of fighting corruption”, Pavlenko said.

“We have already seen the reaction of anti-corruption organisations who are protesting in this regard. I think that the reaction of other colleagues and partners will follow shortly after. The worst thing is that Ukraine does not look the best here”, the deputy added.

“Investigators have reported that up to a hundred people’s deputies from the Servant of the People party have boasted of having apartments, cars, and some other wealth that they have suddenly accumulated while “serving the people”, as they say. And there is an opinion that maybe that’s why they went and took such a strange decision in the Constitutional Court – the abolition of wealth declarations and the actual interruption of these assessments. And their relatives were especially appreciative, on whom, the more cunning of the “Servants” wrote down incomes “earned by overwork”, – said Pavlenko.

The representative of European Solidarity reminded viewers that during Poroshenko’s presidency wealth declarations were clear and open.

“We are seeing not just double standards, but cynical lies from the ruling party against its citizens. Instead of fulfilling their promises to end corruption in the country, they not only encouraged it, but brought it to a level that was simply unheard of between 2014 to 2019, when the country was fighting a war, rebuilding, and building anti-corruption infrastructure. Some corrupt figures of the distant past, apparently, are now looking out of their Rostov exile and asking: “what, it was possible to hide all this money?”, – said Pavlenko.

“Today the rigid anti-corruption legislation, which existed from 2014 to 2019, must be restored. And now that we have seen them use loopholes in this regard, we know that they are unafraid to do as they please”, the deputy said.