Zelensky must explain why Ukraine now buys coal and electricity from its occupiers – Petro Poroshenko

During the energy crisis of 2014-2015 and the ongoing occupation of the Donbas, Ukraine was forced to buy coal from Russia. This was stated by the fifth President and leader of the “European Solidarity” party Petro Poroshenko to journalists outside the SBU. He noted that he had a comprehensive explanation as to why it was necessary back then but did not understand why the current government had resumed cooperation with the aggressor country.

“Today we can very easily explain how during the energy crisis of 2014-2015, during the occupation of Donbas, where 90% of Ukrainian coal is located, and also anthracite, we were forced to buy coal in Russia. Imported from state mines. Our Government and our Ministry of Fuel and Energy imported coal to ensure the functioning of half of Ukraine in conditions where we had completely empty coal depots. And we can explain why we had to buy electricity then. I think now let’s hear Zelensky explain why in 2020-2021, for a billion dollars, he is buying electricity and buys coal from the occupied territories and from Russia, when we rebuilt power plants and transferred them to operate on coal produced in Ukraine, “Poroshenko said.

“I don’t know why Zelensky quarreled with Medvedchuk in 2021, but I want to emphasize that in 2019 all of Medvedchuk’s channels – 112, Newsvan, and ZIK, and 1+1 which he bought later, were already actively supportive of Zelensky. They very strongly supported Zelensky during the election campaign. He enjoyed absolutely unconditional support, “Petro Poroshenko reminded.

“We now see that instead of fighting Putin, Zelensky is trying to fight Poroshenko from morning till night. Mr. Zelensky, we stopped Putin in 2014-15. We were not afraid, and we are not afraid of Putin, and, you – especially,”- said the fifth President.