European Solidarity presented a unique “EU platform” for online communication between deputies and party members

A unique “EU platform” was presented at the congress of the European Solidarity party in Kyiv, with the help of which deputies of all levels and party members will be able to communicate with each other online, share experiences and solve common tasks quickly.

“We have decided to develop a completely new platform for the party, where each member of European Solidarity will be able to provide feedback and express their opinions, which will be heard by us. The initiatives put forward to the party, as a leading opposition force, will be discussed, “said Petro Poroshenko, the fifth President of Ukraine and head of European Solidarity.

He noted that the platform will allow for an effective coordination of actions within the Verkhovna Rada and regional and local councils.

“I think this will be a completely unprecedented development in Ukrainian political life. This will be another proof that you and I are a active, vibrant, in opposition, but nevertheless a leading political force in Ukraine. And of course, the best. Why am I sure of this? Because we are the only team who are modern, driven, organised, and European, “Poroshenko said.

“We are a team with vast experience in solving the most difficult problems. We are a team of winners. We will win with you for the sake of Ukraine and the Ukrainians who are waiting for this victory, “the fifth President stressed.

The leader of the NGO “Solidarity Youth”, Dinara Gabibullayeva, a deputy on the Kyiv City Council, noted that the “EU platform” is a tool with which unique projects can be created. “The EU platform has shown a 100% commitment to transparency and openness. The EU platform has shown that we are ready for change, because the world is becoming increasingly digitised… We are building a party that is 24/7 online, through our phones, tablets, and laptops,” she said.

“The EU platform is a unique product, because throughout the whole Ukrainian political landscape, there is no such similar platform that can unite such a large number of people and encourage such cooperation. But this is the case in other European countries and within the political structures of European countries. This shows that “European Solidarity” is a political party that implements the best Western and European practices in Ukraine, by its own example, “Gabibullayeva added.

“I dream that this platform, like me, will help other deputies to implement their projects, because this platform allows them to be heard, allows them to submit their initiatives, to join all our events. This platform is open, here everyone can become a part of something big, because “European Solidarity” is a platform of opportunities,” Dinara Gabibullayeva added.