Poroshenko welcomes telephone conversation between Kyiv and Washington: When it comes to our global interests, we are one national team

The fifth President and the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko, called Volodymyr Zelensky’s telephone conversation with Joseph Biden good news.

“It is important that before the US-Russia summit in Geneva, the White House reaffirms its unwavering support for Kyiv. Formally, the principle of “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine” has been observed. And more positive news is the announcement of Zelensky’s long-awaited visit to the White House in July, “Poroshenko wrote on Facebook .

“Whatever our attitude towards the current government in power, European Solidarity as a pro-Ukrainian democratic opposition is ready to act as a united front on issues related to European and Euro-Atlantic integration, the international coalition in support of Ukraine, security and defence against Russian aggression. This is our principled approach, “Petro Poroshenko reiterated.

“As such, I personally did everything possible to facilitate the organization of the visit at the highest level, because it is extremely important to strengthen the strategic partnership between our countries. I spoke about this last week with US senators, “the leader of European Solidarity reminded.

“I wish the government success in this. When it comes to our interests in the world, we are one national team, not political opponents, “the fifth President said.