We have a strategy and clear plan about how to realise Ukraine’s potential to the fullest – Petro Poroshenko at Party Congress

European Solidarity has a clear plan for building a successful, European, and democratic Ukraine. This was stated by the party leader and fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a speech at the party congress. More than a thousand party members from all regions of Ukraine gathered at the Platforma Art Factory, Ukraine’s largest creative space created on the territory of a former Soviet enterprise.

Petro Poroshenko stressed that it is time to think about who, when and how it will be possible to help Ukraine overcome the consequences of the incompetent governance of Zelensky’s buffoons and return the country to normalcy. We must seek to realise the full potential of Ukraine.

“We need a real move forward, like that which we demonstrated during the 5 years of our term. Our task for you is to form a powerful coalition of pro-European opposition forces, which will return professional power to the country, and save Ukraine from chaos, incompetence, and dilettantism. We have a plan that is based on our program, on our strategy – clear, predictable and calculated, “Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko called on party members to be more attentive to the social problems of Ukrainians. He reminded members that from 2015 to 2019, the minimum wage tripled, community development budgets increased 9-15 times, and the current government, on the contrary, took funds away from local governments.

European Solidarity proposes at least a three-year moratorium on new taxes, with the exception of withholding taxes, as a driver for economic growth.

“We have another proposal for small and medium-sized enterprises – to reduce the rate of single social contributions for companies whose salary costs are more than 50%,” – said Poroshenko.

He stressed that the almost double reduction of SDRs in 2016 had a positive effect on employment. It allowed enterprises to mobilize resources for the creation of new workplaces and to increase salaries, – Petro Poroshenko reminded.

“Low taxes, simpified administration, further reduction of regulatory pressure on business, compact bureaucracy, guarantee of property rights and fair trials – this is the recipe for building a modern, creative free economy and welfare state,” said the leader of European Solidarity.

“Democracy in Ukraine is under threat, and it is our duty to protect it. Democracy is not just the natural state of Ukrainians. This is our path to prosperity and security. Only a democratic Ukraine can be European, and only a European one can be prosperous, independent, and protected from Russia. The European Union is a guarantee of well-being and a decent standard of living for every Ukrainian. And NATO is a guarantee of security against the background of the constant military threat from Russia, “Petro Poroshenko stated.

“The whole country is interested in peace. Our team has repeatedly emphasized what needs to be done first. First, to resume efforts to adopt the Minsk Roadmap, which remains the basis for a political settlement. The roadmap’s critics have come up with nothing else in two years. This roadmap should provide a clear sequence of steps. First, achieving security, and only then – resolving political issues. Secondly, this is a question of introducing UN peacekeepers under the mandate of the UN Security Council throughout the occupied territory of Donbass, “Poroshenko stressed.

“2021 is the first year since 2014 in which military spending has not increased. It is imperative that we continue the policy of gradual growth of our defence budget in relation to its share in GDP. This is our key requirement for the 2022 budget, “Poroshenko said.

“Financial support for the military was last raised two years ago by my decision. Isn’t it clear that it’s high time to increase it? This is also part of our plan and our demands to the authorities – to accurately assess the workings of our military, in which soldiers risk their lives every day, “said the EU leader.

“Even when we are in opposition, we feel a huge responsibility for the country. It is now clear to everyone, even our opponents, that only European Solidarity can lead Ukraine to membership in the European Union and NATO with the appropriate standards of welfare, security and order,” Poroshenko said.

“We know what to do and how. We have proven our ability to solve the most difficult problems facing the country. We rely on our own knowledge and experience. We are not simply proud of our achievements, we have shaken-up and updated our team, and this process will be ongoing. Ukraine’s European future is linked to European Solidarity,” Poroshenko said.

“When we unite, we can do anything. Our party is different in that it is open. All those who connect with us and hopes for Ukraine’s ascension to the European Union, for Ukraine’s membership in NATO, for hopes for European reforms, for counteracting the incompetence of the current government, should have the opportunity to join our party, “Poroshenko said.

“We are the only cool, driven, European team. We will win for the sake of Ukraine, for all Ukrainians, who are eagerly waiting for this victory, together with them we will win, “the European Solidarity stated empthatically.