Poroshenko and volunteers hand over third set of video surveillance and optical reconnaissance to the frontline

A further set of video surveillance and optical reconnaissance has been sent to the frontline, for the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. This was announced on Facebook by the fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko. He said that activists from the NGO “Community Affairs”, together with Ukrainians through crowdfunding, had in just two days raised enough funds and purchased extremely important equipment for the Ukrainian military.

“Already the third set of observation and optical reconnaissance for our soldiers today went to the 10th detached mountain assault brigade. I will reveal a secret: even after the rotation of brigades, this equipment will remain in the arsenal of the Armed Forces and will help to defend our land in the most difficult parts of the front. Today we are passing this technology to the front. A few weeks ago, I personally handed over the same equipment to the 108th Battalion. This is the third set of equipment which will go to the 10th detached mountain assault brigade. Thank you to the incredible Ukrainian people, you are saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers together with us, “the leader of European Solidarity wrote.

Poroshenko noted that surveillance and optical reconnaissance kits help Ukrainian soldiers fight enemy snipers.

“Now the fighters of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade are in the most difficult areas: Zaitsevo, Shumy, Novgorod. We’ve seen how these kits work: it really helps us to fight back, deter snipers, and stop hostilities. Such kits are extremely necessary in these current conditions, when after the so-called “truce” we have lost about a hundred of our soldiers, when our military was forbidden to use drones and the withdrawal of counter-sniper groups was forbidden, “the fifth President reminded.

“I have another idea: let us raise funds for a brigade hub, which will significantly increase the efficiency of this combat equipment and connect them to all three battalion zones. However, such a complex cost twice as much: 735 thousand hryvnias. But I know that together we can make such an important gift for these fighters. The Poroshenko Foundation will transfer half of the amount tomorrow. Together we will bring Ukraine closer to victory! ” Poroshenko stressed.

Petro Poroshenko on the front line, May 28, 2021, 10th Mountain Assault Brigade.

It is known that on May 27 Petro Poroshenko, during a trip to Donetsk region, handed over a set of video surveillance to the 10th detached mountain assault brigade.

Petro Poroshenko on the front line, May 28, 2021, 10th Mountain Assault Brigade

“Different types of cameras are used at each platoon base, at the company base. There is a night vision, there is long-range. We will not disclose how many kilometres they can see, but it’s many kilometres. The commander, from the platoon level to the battalion, and across the whole brigade the brigade, will have a completely holistic picture. It is no longer necessary for an observer to go up. It is not necessary for him to become a target for Russian snipers. There is a round-the-clock recording of the movement of enemy forces on the other side of the front, “Petro Poroshenko explained.

In addition, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko transferred oxygen concentrators to the central city hospital in Toretsk.