Poroshenko on the anniversary of visa-free travel: this is the success story of Ukraine, a symbol of farewell to Soviet Isolation

Four years ago, the historic decision by the EU Council of Ministers to allow for visa liberalization for Ukrainians on short trips to EU countries and the Schengen area finally came into force, opening the door to Europe for Ukrainians. The fifth President and the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko wrote about this on Facebook.

“This event has undoubtedly become a success story for Ukraine, a symbol of farewell to “Soviet Isolation” and an important step towards a return to a united European family. It is a story of the struggle for our European identity, for dignity, for democracy, for freedom and common values. This is a victory for the whole of Ukraine! ” Poroshenko emphasized.

“Visa-free travel is also an international recognition of the success of our team’s political, legal, institutional and anti-corruption reforms,” said the fifth President.

“Many in Ukraine and abroad did not believe, and in some places resisted visa-free travel. We were told that it was impossible, that no one wanted us “there”, but we joined forces and with a resolute and persistent effort, we made the impossible possible. They proved our dedication and ability to implement far-sighted strategic projects for the benefit of Ukraine, “Poroshenko said.

He noted that this celebration was clear response to those in power who are trying to distort the past, diminish and discredit the merits of the team of the fifth President in reforming Ukraine and its international victories.

“But I am convinced that visa-free travel, the Association Agreement and the Tomos on the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will remain real legendary success stories in the history of our state, which, unfortunately, the sixth President Zelensky could only dream of achieving,” Poroshenko said.

“In four years, millions of Ukrainians have exercised their right to free movement and visited EU countries. I sincerely hope that very soon anti-war restrictions will be lifted, and Ukrainians will be able to travel freely and unhindered on our European continent, “said the leader of European Solidarity and also called on the authorities to accelerate the vaccination of Ukrainian citizens with quality and internationally recognized jabs.

“I believe that the future of Ukraine is with the European Union, and nothing, and no one, will ever stop us. And our European Solidarity team will do the possible and even the impossible to achieve this. Because in this struggle we are supported by millions of Ukrainian citizens and our international friends and partners, in particular from the European People’s Party – the most influential European political family, which has always been at the forefront of the pro-Ukrainian international coalition. Together we will win!” The party leader emphasizes.