Victoria Sumar: “Medvedchuk’s films” are started to be used against Poroshenko

The so-called “Medvedchuk films” were created for political purposes in order to discredit the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko. This was announced on the air of “Suspilne” channel by an MP from the “European Solidarity” party, Victoria Sumar.

She urged journalists to analyze the facts and real events of Poroshenko’s presidency, and not to trust Medvedchuk’s account. In addition, Victoria Sumar noted that these films raised questions about the source of these records and why they “emerged” right now.

“This is an opportunity to talk about the events of 2014-2015. I have a question – where were they for 7 years, these films? Why haven’t they surfaced in the last two years, even if we assume that Medvedchuk was somehow “facilitated” by Poroshenko – which is what journalists are actively doing in their “investigation”. It is a painting a picture that we are no longer talking about Medvedchuk now. We are not really talking about his crimes. We are instead talking about how the political motive of these films can be used against Poroshenko. All these discussions have been started for this purpose. These films were handed over by Bankova. And we know who that Bankova had these tapes all these 7 years, and it is probably necessary to put into question the responsibility of this person, who today has the position of the deputy head of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, “Sumar said.

“As a former journalist, I can analyse the talks regarding gas and release of the hostages. For example, gas talks. Medvedchuk concluded that Poroshenko will be helping him in weakening Ukraine’s position. But what is the truth? Ukraine’s position didn’t weaken. And so, when the Ukrainian delegation was departing for Brussels, it had direct orders as signed by President Poroshenko. And despite Medvedchuk trying to convince his Moscow curators that these directives were changed – they weren’t. Furthermore, this was confirmed by Yuriy Prodan, who had little reason to love Poroshenko’’ Sumar highlighted

“There are a lot of conclusions that are 100 percent made on the basis of Medvedchuk’s words, which surprises me personally. Because I wouldn’t believe this man. And I would’ve never believed him. They are not confirmed by the facts. And the facts should also be evaluated, weighed and communicated with those people who were participants in the negotiations, “Sumar said.

“The topic of hostages is very sensitive. In 2014, when I worked in the National Security and Defense Council, I was approached by many families, families of prisoners. I know how difficult the negotiations were, and how psychologically difficult they were. I am very sorry that journalists did not ask Irina Gerashchenko anything. As well as Tetyana Rychkova, who was directly involved in “Rahman”, as well as many other people, and completely drew conclusions from the words of Medvedchuk, “- said Sumar.

“So as a result, they forgot to tell us that Rahman was exchanged only for Starkov. This was demanded by the Russian Federation. This was a Russian major who was important to Ukraine. Because in 2014, Ukraine had to prove that there was aggression by the Russian Federation. And this was an important major. It took four months to get a court decision that accuses the Russian Federation and Commander Starkov, a Russian general, of aggression against Ukraine. I am very dissapointed that this argument is not present in this investigation, “Sumar said.

“The facts show completely opposite things that happened in the end than what Viktor Medvedchuk said. And this is good. As a person who had a lawsuit from Medvedchuk to protect the rights of journalists, I will fight to the last for your right to find the truth here. But in order to find it, you need to listen to the facts as a whole, weigh it and make it objective. And then the country will benefit from this, “sums up Victoria Sumar.